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Dee Meyers cowboy dressage

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clinic is all inclusive, lodging, stalls, clinician and lunch and dinner 8 riders.


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Lessons in Lightness with Mark Russell. Clinic offers individual lessons with this amazing clinician. All breeds welcome. Mark brings together a lifetime of experience in Classical dressage and natural lightness to his work with your horse. Expect incredible! Do not miss this intensive and personalized study with one of the countries favorite clinicians.



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Miami Florida


Larry Whitesell Horsemanship

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Rancho Toledano Paso Fino Farm

Work with a master of gait. Larry offers 5 days of individualized training to a small group. Intensive and wonderful.


Loney Meadows Camp

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Wallace Fun Show

Wallace Calif

Fun with Paso Finos and other gaited breeds in Wallace Ca.


Camping at Point Reyes

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Point Reyes National Seashore

Join a group of Paso Finos in the most beautiful trail world in California!


Mark Russell Natural Dressage

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Rancho Toledano Paso Fino Farm

Four wonderful days of clinic with Master technician and natural dressage teacher Mark Russell. Join us!

I am so excited to host Clay at Rancho Toledano.  Don't miss out on this talented clinician, working for the best from  the heart of the horse 
  • Clay's unique style and gift of teaching makes him an excellent clinician for our own Paso Finos and for all other  breeds.   For the
  • Check out his Facebook page :Clay Wright Horsemanship Facebook group link for  photos, videos and more
  • Paso Fino owners his style encourages Lightness, Balance and Unity.    
  •  contact Jacqueine Debets to reserve a rider spot, arrange for audit or private lesson : 
Read More about Clay at this link 
Clay Wright and the Art of A-Ha

JUNE 1-3 2016

Clinic spots are very limited. Auditors welcome
For further information call 530- 362 1298 
Dee Meyers  is a Recommended Cowboy Dressage tm Judge and has been sharing her passion for this new twist on an age-oold philosophy through clinics, 
demos and articles since 2013.  Open Gaited Champion and Open Vaquero Reserve Champion at the 2015 Cowboy Dressage Finals added to Dee's show successes in many competitive environments with gaited breeds.  These include Multiple championships in competitive trail events ( one of the original Mountain Trail Hall of Fame inductees, "Tucker" ; numerous Multi- Discipline championships and top-3 finishes; and very highly recognized cow and trail competition with her Paso Fino, Ariel  She continues to show the versatility and capability of the Paso Fino breed. We are fortunate to have her bring Cowboy Dressage to our Rancho Toledano family.  

Clinic runs on Wednesday June 1st after lunch through Friday Lunch. Participants may continue friday afternoon calling tests for other riders    The lighted arena is open for practice Thursday night after dinner. Participants may follow through on Saturday to audit Dee at Top hand clinic with Eitan Beth Halachmy, or ride the trails in our area.  

with over 30 years of instructing experience, you'll find Dee Meyers shares her knowedge  with humor and passion in a way you will understand.  

Clinic is all inclusive, with lodging, lessons, meals and boarding limited to 8 riders   Auditors welcome  

Paso Fino  Cowboy Dressage & Paso Finos?  

From Paso Fino Horse World  

Linda Holtzer wrote of me in the description of a Paso Fino clinic some time ago, “Dee will help you get the horse you have always dreamed of.” The result of trying to avoid the pressure of such lofty thinking was the philosophical statement that I have used since then in my teaching, in my training, and in my everyday life: “As horsemen we should strive to be the human our horse is dreaming of.”  

This embodies the simplicity of clear, concise, and consistent language that the horse already understands. The human must unclutter the mind and body to deliver messages the horse can understand, and more importantly to read the messages our horses are sending to us—we must learn to listen and respond. The result is a partnership that is endless in growth for both the horse and human.  It’s not easy to find a discipline or show that actually promotes & measures the development of this partnership. There is one: Cowboy Dressage. The guiding principle of Cowboy Dressage is “Soft Feel”. Soft feel is a body, mind, emotional and physical connection that leads to an almost musical energy transfer between horse and rider. It allows rather than forces; it asks rather than directs; it responds rather than reacts; it opens rather than blocks; it relaxes rather than tenses. So, that all sounds kinda “out there”, maybe metaphysical or something and you’re thinking all well and good, but just how do you get that?  

How do get that soft feel?
It takes time, patience, persistence, instruction, finding it, losing it, getting it back. It takes experimentation, understanding, and willingness. Will you ever get it and keep it? You’ll never know what “it” is, because attaining one goal will lead to another challenge. Cowboy Dressage provides a safe place to learn, grow, and improve. The court gives parameters to measure your growth. The maneuvers are tools to develop soft feel. Judges kindly point out weaknesses to work on and give pats-on-the back for work well done.  

Why Cowboy Dressage  for Paso Finos? Why not? With their willingness, sensitivity and intelligence, our Paso Finos are prime candidates for development of soft feel. Paso Finos respond dramatically to consistent gentle training (and re-training). The sensitivity of the Paso Fino requires disciplined, consistent direction from the human. Their response when set up for success and allowed, with patience, to find the desired answer is a blue-ribbon-equivalent every time. Our horses can become our best teachers when we listen to what they are saying and dedicate ourselves to understanding them better—how they move; why they move in relaxation . . . or in resistance.  
Cowboy Dressage judges focus on the quality of the movement; the balance, rhythm and consistency of gait. Oops, there’s that word . . . gait. Does it matter that my Paso is a little troche, or a little pacey, or maybe he does more of a running walk than a corto? Not in this venue. The judge probably won’t know the name of your show gait, or what your show gait should even look like. What will matter is the rhythm, consistency, relaxation, and ability to perform the maneuver. But above all, the partnership and harmony exhibited between rider and horse in execution of the elements--a willing horse, responding respectfully to the direction of the rider. Isn’t that what we all want with our horses; on the ground and in the saddle? Our  horses will all gait at their best gaits when they are in relaxation, moving in balance. It may not be the blue ribbon fino or corto in the Paso Fino show, but it’s the grand prize ribbon in our partnership.  

So you think your horse is a little too “hot” and his rapid movement might be mis-interpreted by others as being willful or out of control? Actually, you might be correct in some cases, but take another look. What does “in control” mean to you? Would you like your Paso to respond in cooperation with you, in softness, without tension or fear? Would you like to be riding in cooperation with your Paso, with softness in your body, without tension or fear? Would you like to enter any new situation with confidence on a confident partner who is asking you for guidance and responding with trust? Cowboy Dressage philosophy can help you and your Paso learn harmony and partnership. Good partnerships only get better. New partnerships are nurtured and grow.  

Your Paso Fino has an incredible work ethic fueled by a big heart. Their energy and willingness is unsurpassed. They are just looking for a chance to be trusted in relaxation. Take a chance on Cowboy Dressagetm to help you show what you already know about Paso Finos. There’s a lot more to a Paso than the sounding board. Take a clinic, join a group, go to a show, and get involved. You and your horse, and your life will be better for it. You won’t believe the rewards—way beyond Blue Ribbons!  
~Author, Dee Myers and her Paso Finos have multiple championships in Mountain Trail, Versatility and Cowboy Dressage. Dee enjoys helping people and horses find ways to enjoy their relationships.  


Rancho Toledano Paso Finos 
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"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened"

Contact for questions: or phone 530 362 1298
MAILING ADDRESS: 12900 Hatchett Creek Road, Big Oak Valley, 95977

All clinics require a  non refundable deposit when requested. Final payments will be designated for
each clinic at least 30 days before Clinc starting date!
  There is great value in auditing  You will gleen so much from a full audit. Please consider auditing as an option. 
          Although Rancho Toledano guest housing is reserved for riding participants, there are several options for hotels within 1/2 hour of the ranch.
We also allow for self contained trailers to park on the property for auditing  guests.   

  • This is a very small clinic making it possible for Dee to provide intense and focused work with individual riders .
  • Arrival and set up  Wednesday night  for distance drivers.  Clinic officially starts on Thursday at Lunch  Dee will be arrive at 11am 
  • Lunch and dinner served onsite for riders, Dinners for Riding participants only  small breakfast in your individual cottage  
  • We have designated parking for self contained trailers on Fino Hill with beautiful mountain views, We will park you!
  • Guest lodging is reserved for Clinic Riders and family members auditors if space is available .  
  • 2 day clinic Clinic flat fee 350 is all inclusive  
  • Non refundable deposit necessary when reserving space $100.  
  • if you love to cook, please join in with the kitchen chefs!
  • Participants may stay on to ride at spencville or on the foothill trails may do so
  • Dee will be assisting with Eitan Beth Halachmy in Grass Valley Sat and Sunday.    
  • $30 Thursday begins at 9 am  sign up for lunch..  All auditors must PRE REGISTER  Dinner not included.
  • Wed and Friday Audit reduced fee   

Lessons with Larry Whitesell

"Lessons in Lightness"