A Horse for all generations, The Paso Fino is quickly being discovered by riders of Boomer age, to the youth rider.   The Paso Fino is a gaited gem that  is being discovered across North America, Canada and now Hawaii. They came from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama, Columbia and Venezuela.  In the American tradition we have brought the qualities of the best of  attributes of  these horses  making what is called the American Paso Fino and can be found all over the United States, Europe, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii.  Awareness of the Paso Fino as we know it today didn't spread outside Latin America until after WWII, when American servicemen came into contact with the stunning Paso Fino horse while stationed in Puerto Rico. Americans began importing Paso Finos from Puerto Rico in the mid-1940s. Two decades later, many Paso Fino horses began to be imported from Colombia. For a while, there was some contention as to which country produced the "true" Paso Fino.  The American Paso Fino has come to a point in our breeding programs where there is great respect for the qualities brought to us from both Colombia and Puerto Rico.  Today, the American Paso Fino is often a blend of the best of Puerto Rican and Colombian bloodlines.

The breed registrations are growing as more and more discover the joy of owning and riding this horse. What makes the Paso Fino the horse of choice for so many new riders? Why do older riders that are coming to horses for the first time, and or those returning to horses from their childhood choose this breed?  It is the wonderful way of going.  It is so different than the horses that we knew.  Paso Finos are not as well known as many of the gaited breeds, but once you get the chance to sit that wonderful gait you are hooked.  The breed is quickly becoming recognized as more families take their Paso Finos to trail, work their cattle, ride endurance and field trials and compete in all breed compititions. 
This is a breed with a powerful rear end that can effortlessly glide along trails for hours.  More and more injured riders are finding that the Paso Fino can allow them the joy of riding that they thought they would never experience again.  Clients with back, hip or knees injuries that would give them pain with another breed are smiling their way to their barns.  These horses with a gentle sprit are used in equine assisted therapy programs across the country for lessons with emotionally disabled children and adults.  More and more therapists are including the Paso Fino in their equine programs because of the ease in riding and willingness of the horse to please.  In another area of this site please read about the recognition of the Paso Fino as the perfect trail horse when compared to 18 other breeds.  One smoky weekend in November 2008, The Paso Fino won hands down in both the adult and child division of the TrailBlazers Magazine Battle of the Breeds held in Santa Barbara California.   This was the worst of the  2008 Southern California Fires- the horses were actually moving through smoky air and ash was on the ground.  This contest, judged by Linda Tellington Jones and John Lyons gave the Paso Fino its well-deserved reward. California also recognized the Paso Fino in 2008 by the California State Horseman’s association Trail Trials horse of the year.  What a statement about our horse’s steady and willing dispositions.  In 2009 Rancho Toledano horses competed and won all breed champion of champion in several all gaited breed shows.

You will hear over and over what the personality of a Paso Fino brings to its rider.  They really are curious, and playful.  They are loving, intelligent, versatile and eager to learn. They are enthusiastic and willing in their work and the mechanics of their movement allows them to last for hours and hours on the trail and in the show-ring.  No wonder their owners are able to ride for hours, no other ride offers such
comfort.   These are honest horses that will melt their way into your heart.

There are many studies on why the size and conformation of the Paso Fino are integral to their success as a breed for all people.  How is it possible that such a small horse in stature can have such ability to carry weight and size?  Everything about the conformation matters in understanding these little engines.  Like a fine little sports car with power to spare, the short backed power pack engine carries its rider with mechanics made to support any sized rider. 

The Paso Fino will outride any breed on the trail in stamina and comfort.   This is the horse for trail Trials, field Trails, endurance, mounted shooting, show or pleasure.  Take a test ride and you will immediatey understand the Paso horse heart connection.